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Gary Gates: Free Music

Friend of the Devil

Listen and download the famous UMNUS FESTIVAL from 2001. Recorded by Lake Barnett. Charlie Natzke on guitar and vocals Kevin Johnson on keys Will Mitchell on bass Perry Thorwaldson on drums. Very psychedelic... yea man !!!

Sugar Sweet/Birdsong

(Gary Gates)
A little blues/rock into one of my all-time favorite Dead songs.

Get Out Of My Life Woman

Umnus Jam

(Gary Gates)
Gary Gates / Will Mitchell

We played this song only one time.

Carry Your Dreams

Live on KPIG 107.5 on July 27 2008.Scott Cooper-bass / Bundy Browne-mandoline / Rick Sigman-guitar and myself playing

KPIG 107.5 FM / 7-27-08 Part 1 Intro / Silver Dollar

(Gary Gates)
Here we are with Sleepy John hosting his Sunday morning show
(Please Stand By). Thank you KPIG !

KPIG Part 2 / Chatter

KPIG Part 3 / California Sunshine

KPIG Part 4 / Chatter

KPIG Part 5 / Heart River

KPIG Part 6 / Chatter

KPIG Part 7 / Smiles Of My Friends

A Better World

Silver Dollar

Tropical Man

Red White and Blue

Dance With Me

You Gotta Live

Knocken On Your Door

Days Yet To Come

A Better World

The Great Horizon

Heart River

Cool & Free

Carry Your Dreams

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Heart River

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