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Gary Gates: Thailand 2009

Tsunami Ceremony 12/26/09 - January 17, 2010



December 26 2009 marked the 5th anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami, one of the most destructive natural disasters known to the history of mankind. It took over 200,000 lives washing away entire communities and leaving millions more homeless. Indonesia, Sir Lanka, India, and Thailand were some of the most effected countries.

In December of 2001 I traveled to Thailand for the first time with Rick Sigman to play music for the grand opening of the EnCore Cafe, in Krabi, Thailand. Since my first trip I have returned to "The Land Of Smiles" 3 more times, to play at the EnCore Cafe. During my time spent in Thailand I have grown to love the Thai people and their culture.

Sometime around June 2009, Robert Reynolds, owner of the Encore Cafe, and director of the Sriphong Phukaoluan Foundation, sent me some lyrics he had written, and asked me if I could put music to his words. As a result, "Helping Hands" came to be. This DVD tells the story of how the local communities in Krabi, Thailand rebuilt their lives after the December 26 tsunami. It documents the efforts of thousands of volunteers helping the tsunami survivors during their darkest hours.

"Helping Hands" highlights the story of an infant boy, Anuwat, newly orphaned after the disaster. The Sriphong Phukaoluan Foundation,, has been supporting Anuwat and 104 other such children in Krabi, Thailand since the tsunami. The Foundation's "Tsunami Child Sponsorship Program" has won two national awards, and been a model for community relief and reconstruction.

I am proud to have contributed to this project. All proceeds from the sales will be put back into the Foundation to support the tsunami children. Click this link to check it out. HELPING HANDS


Here I am playing "Helping Hands" at the 5th Anniversary Tsunami Ceremony in Krabi.  That's Goy on bass, and 14 year old Gun playing violin. Photos: Jay Goerk


More photos from that special day.

Mother daughter ....


So cute ...  


Here I am with Thomas Reynolds and Gun.



Goy, Gun, and myself rehearsing for the tsunami show.



Setting up for a night gig at The Last Fisherman


A good use for a coconut tree

The Jellyfish Band and myself.


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