1. Rise Above


Hey friend can I borrow that beautiful smile upon your face
I'll bring it right back once I find my grace
Cause right now the world seems small
But if I had a hand to hold, I'd be standing tall come the morning light

And I will rise I will rise I will rise above.
All this trouble in the world.

Somewhere between the sun and the rain
Somewhere between the joy and the pain
Somewhere between the dark and the light of day
Somewhere between the young and the old
Between what we've heard and what we've told
Somewhere between the truth and the greedy lie

And we will rise ...

Every face tells a story of some shame and some glory
Every face belongs to a different point of view
Hey friend just need a song that you and I can sing along
And if the words we disagree, still so sweet be the harmony

And we will rise ...