1. Learn A Little

From the recording Simple Folks


I've wasted so many of my days
A lifetime ago I should have changed my ways
So many days lost and alone
So much water wearing down the stone

You got to live a lot just to learn a little
But if you can learn a little man you can live a lot
Learn a little and live a lot
Yea learn a little and live a lot

I knew a man who just gathered wood
Stacked it as high and as wide as he could
Knew another who couldn't stand still
Didn't have a home just a suitcase to fill

You gotta live a lot ...

Ever see the stars in heaven shine so bright
Ever roll a seven on a hard luck night
Kinda like being in the school of hard knocks
In order to learn a little man you gotta live a lot

I can remember way back in school
My teacher said hey kid don't be a fool
Let life's lessions sink into your head
You want to learn to love
Here's what she said

You gotta live a lot ...